Why should I divorce in England?

There are a number of benefits to individuals who choose to divorce through the English Legal System. The English Courts may be quicker and cheaper than an alternative jurisdiction. You may be entitled to a more favourable financial provision under English Law and the Court may have a more extensive range of powers available to reach a better outcome.

Each case is specific on its individual circumstances and before you decide whether to apply for a divorce through the English Courts you should consider whether it will be beneficial for you to do so. For more information about Expat and international divorce please contact us for a free telephone appointment with one of our family specialists on 0113 218 5458 (if abroad: +44113 218 5458) and we will assess your case.

Other jurisdictions around the world

Different countries have different legal regimes when it comes to the division of matrimonial assets on separation, for example:

  • France, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg and some US States and Eastern European countries limit the matrimonial ‘pot’ to assets acquired within the marriage for the specific purpose of the marriage;
  • South Africa and Philippines include assets acquired before and during the marriage;
  • In Dubai you cannot seek spousal maintenance except for a limited term or make a claim in respect of their spouses’ pension.

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If you are wanting to divorce because of violence or abuse that happened in the UK you may be able to make a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. We provide a CICA claims service and are able to offer advice on whether you could make a claim.

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